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Nov 2022 - Seminar talk: I will be speaking at the seminar of the math department of Bristol University.

Aug. 1st 2022 - New preprint: Fast erasure decoder for a class of quantum LDPC codes.

July 28th 2022 - Publication: Our paper Constant-Overhead Quantum Error Correction with Thin Planar Connectivity has been published in PRL.

July 2022 - QEC Summer School: I will give a lecture about quantum LDPC codes at the Quantum Error Correction summer school in July 2022.

March 2022 - Editor at Quantum Journal: I joined the journal Quantum as an editor. Quantum is non-profit, community-run and publishes excellent papers. Submit your best work to Quantum Journal!

Feb. 25th 2022 - New preprintPerformance of planar Floquet codes with Majorana-based qubits

Feb. 18th 2022 - Seminar talk: I will speak at the quantum information seminar of Cambridge University.

Jan. 18th 2022 - Talk: I will speak at the group meeting of the GRACE Team at Ecole polytechnique.

Jan. 14th 2022 - Publication: Our paper Toward a Union-Find decoder for Quantum LDPC codes has been published in IEEE Transaction on Information Theory.

Jan. 4th 2022 - Talk: I will speak at the quantum code meeting at Bordeaux University.

Jan. 11th 2022 - Conference: I am a member of the program committee for the conference QCTIP2022. Submit your recent work before January 11th, 2022.

Dec. 2nd 2022 - Publication: Our paper Almost-linear time decoding algorithm for topological codes has been published in Quantum.

Oct. 15th 2022 - Publication: Our paper Beyond Single-Shot Fault-Tolerant Quantum Error Correction has been published in IEEE Transaction on Information Theory.

Sept. 30th 2021 - Talk: I will speak at the QuICS seminar of University of Maryland and NIST.

Sept. 29th 2021 - New preprint: Constant-overhead quantum error correction with thin planar connectivity

Sept. 29th 2021 -New preprintBounds on stabilizer measurement circuits and obstructions to local implementations of quantum LDPC codes

July 28th 2021 - New preprintImproved quantum error correction using soft information

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